Week by Week: Week 4

This week we have photos of the cast and musicians in music rehearsals and we have new interviews from Will (Romeo) and Jade (Juliet) on their character profiles.

Also, following on from our set design brief last week, take a look at some of our favourite entries in 'Results from last week'.


Results from last week

A creative brief is given to each member of the creative team working on the Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank project. It is intended to help them structure their ideas and keep a focus on the director's intended vision for the production. Check out the results from last week's marketing brief...

Backstage Blog

Saturday 2nd March 9:21am

We have now arrived in Abu Dhabi and the theatre is being prepared for us to do our first show. We have a few days off while that technical work is done and so we can catch our breath before the next round of shows. We have five shows in Abu Dhabi and then we all fly home to London. I hear it's very cold over there. It's going to be quite a shock to the system after performing in this heat! I wonder if the change in temperature will change the show?

From The Rehearsal Room

Friday 1st March 4:46pm

Our shows at the Madinat seemed to go down really well. There were some early morning shows which were tough work (especially as it's so hot here), but the audiences were really responsive so they carried us along with their energy and enthusiasm. As we start the show out among the audience I've been able to hear some responses to the set when the audience sees it for the first time, and it seems to go down really well. I can't wait to see it once it arrives on the Globe stage; I think it's going to look brilliant.

We will have to slightly change the show for the Globe which has a unique configuration, quite different from the theatre spaces we've been playing over here, which are 'end-on' or proscenium arch theatres. This means that the physical map or 'blocking' for the scenes we've been playing so far will change to fill up the much bigger stage we'll have at the Globe. At the Globe I think it will make it a much freer show as there is more space and therefore the possibility of more (and possibly faster) movement.

The show has already changed quite a lot over the last few performances: it feels more energised, robust and emotional than it was at first. I suppose that's because we are more secure in the technical aspects of the show so we can be freer with the human story that is the root of the play.

Next we travel to Abu Dhabi where we will be playing as part of an arts festival. This might mean our audience reacts differently again. One of the fascinating things about touring is how much the show changes depending on where you are. The factors that can alter the show are the type of theatre you're in, the time of day the show plays and the people who come and watch the performances. Once we get back to the Globe it will be different again, and we will learn a whole new version of our Romeo and Juliet, specific to the audiences who come to see us perform it in London.

From The Rehearsal Room

Tuesday 26th February 12:34pm

Having had a few days off to recover from our intense week of tech-ing and our first shows in Doha, our set has now arrived at the Madinat theatre in Dubai. Our hard-working stage management team have assembled it, prepped the stage and we are all ready to go in our second venue.

The stage at the Madinat Theatre is slightly shallower and the distance between entrances and exits are slightly different from the last theatre, so we have had some time on stage (like a mini-tech) looking at the changes we'll have to make so the show will fit into its new temporary home. This is my third time playing at the Madinat and it feels good to be back somewhere familiar during a tour.

For every show, before the play begins, we (the company of actors) go out and meet the audience. We really enjoy doing this as it means we get to say hello to the people who've come to the theatre and find out what brought them along to the show. We also sing a few songs so we've been spending quite a bit of our time over the last few days thinking about what songs people might want to hear, especially songs that the audience might sing along to: it's much more fun when they join in. I'm really looking forward to this part of the show at the Globe as there's always a really amazing atmosphere in that theatre before a show begins.

From The Rehearsal Room

Monday 25th February 10:13am

The theatre in Doha (part of the Katara Cultural Village) has a star-canopied ceiling which was great as a link to our work to come at the Globe. It was wonderful too to reference them as there are so many references to stars in the play ("..take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night..", "then I defy you stars!" and so on).

From The Rehearsal Room