Week by Week: Week 5

This week you can watch an interview with the Globe's Head of Wigs, Hair and Make Up, Pam Humpage. We asked Pam about where she gets ideas from for her designs and how she makes them a reality - take a look below.

Also, check out some photos taken from Pam's studio and the wardrobe department at the Globe.


Brief for this week

A creative brief is given to each member of the creative team working on the Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank project. It is intended to help them structure their ideas and keep a focus on the director's intended vision for the production. Why not be creative yourself and design your own costume for the production using our real costume brief...

Backstage Blog

Wednesday 6th March 9:27am

So we have now performed all our Abu Dhabi shows and so that's it for our tour! We must leave our sun-baked adventures behind and head back to what I hear is a rather drizzly London.

We have had such a wonderful time in Qatar and the UAE and we have all been bowled over by the kindness and generous response of the audiences here. Having said that, we are all incredibly excited to be taking 'Romeo and Juliet' back to the much chillier Globe. I am so looking forward to seeing what a London audience makes of it and hearing how they respond: what makes them laugh, cringe, shout, gasp, jeer or sigh, or perhaps none of these. We will have to wait and see... Hopefully, we’ll see you there!

From The Rehearsal Room

Monday 4th March 2:12pm

It's been very hot here this week. It's lovely to get the sunshine in the middle of winter but it does seem to make us more tired. The show itself is fairly active for all of us (more so for those with fights) and none of us have much time off during the performances, as if we are not on stage we are rushing to our next entrance, changing costume or helping with scenic changes either using set, props or music. All this running around means we've been drinking litres of water. We also need to do this to keep our voices working well: the air conditioning used in hot countries can be really hard on your voice. In fact our voices and the acoustics of the different theatres we've worked in have been a major factor in our work out here. Each theatre has had its own challenges. The Globe will bring new ones when we return there, not least of which is the fact that, as there is no roof, we have to contend with the noise of London when we are performing. Most of the time it's entirely manageable but a persistent helicopter at the wrong moment can be a real nuisance!

From The Rehearsal Room

Monday 4th March 10:03am

Abu Dhabi is the final part of our tour before we return to London. While we are here we are performing 'Romeo and Juliet' as part of an arts festival in the evening and in the day for students. So far the younger audiences have had loads of energy and have been great fun to perform to. I think these Abu Dhabi shows will serve as a brilliant transition for us, as the audience here has, I think, been the most involved and the most vocal of the tour so far. Therefore they have played a really big part in the performances, which is much more similar to the Globe experience. I don't know why that should be: perhaps the theatre is lighter, or we are better at engaging the audience or perhaps the students of Abu Dhabi just love to get involved!

As well as these factors the theatre itself is much more open than our other venues and therefore serves as a useful step towards the Globe space, which is so open it's almost in the round.

From The Rehearsal Room