Week by Week: Week 7

This week you can see photos taken from one of the live performances of Romeo and Juliet!

Also, take a look at our video interview with Globe Associate Lecturer, Dr Derek Dunne, who discusses the importance of theatre reviews to research here at the Globe.



Brief for this week

Many theatre productions are reviewed by members of the press, who attend a performance and comment on the creative elements that come together on stage during a performance. If you have already seen our production of Romeo and Juliet, or are planning to attend, why not be creative yourself and write your own review for the production using the reviewing brief by The Guardian's Lyn Gardner...

Backstage Blog

Tuesday 19th March, 13:07

We are now into the second week of performances of Romeo and Juliet at the Globe. Until now, we have been watching the play on a live TV monitor in the Green Room. This monitor is intended to give actors their cues for going on stage, but many of the Globe team also enjoy watching it over a cup of tea and a sandwich at lunchtime!

Yesterday, we finally saw the performance first hand. We were right up in the action, watching the show from the yard along with hundreds of people from different schools. What an amazing show it was! We don’t want to give too much away, particularly if you are coming to see it, but it is bursting with song, music and dance…oh, and even some bmxing!

This production is really immersive, as actors move through the audience and perform their parts around them. It is also incredibly fast paced, with actors playing several parts and even changing from one character to the next on stage! We think that what really makes the production though, is the audience. They act as another character for the actors to play to, as well providing an amazing atmosphere in the theatre with their laughter and applause.

Take a look at some of our photos from the performance above.

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