Week 3

Our set designer has been asked to design a set for Romeo and Juliet, using the set brief given by our production team. Why not have a go at following the brief and designing your own set? To help you out, here are 5 top tips for designing a set:

1. Think about the scale. The scale we always work in is 1:25, so you have to think about the design you do being 25 times bigger in reality.

2. Think about the world you are creating and consider how the set design can give support to the telling of the story.

3. Think about the use of space and how the actors move around that space, including where their entrances and exits are.

4. Think about your audience and how your set will work for them. Think about what the audience’s relationship to the actors is and importantly what their sightlines are - you don't want to build something huge that half the audience can't see through!

5. Think about the practicalities of your design when deciding on materials and colour schemes etc. Also, because you are designing outside you need to consider the bad weather conditions.

Now download the Set Brief and Set Template PDFs. Once you are done email your creations to to us at youngcreatives@shakespearesglobe.com and we may select it to feature on the site.

Also, click here to see an interview with the set designer for last year's Playing Shakespeare production of Midsummer Night's Dream.

Brief Assets